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Need more help?

  • Who can open accounts?

    Currently only US residents can open IBKR Asset Management accounts. Your country of legal residence is the country where you maintain your permanent home or the country you plan to return to if you live abroad for a short period of time. Advisers registered with the US Securities Commission or a state regulator can establish accounts for clients that are US residents.

  • What are the fees?

    IBKR Asset Management only charges fees on investments you make in your account. There are no fees on uninvested cash in your account or fees to redeem your investments. In addition to our management fees, you will be charged commissions by our affiliated broker-dealer Interactive Brokers LLC. Many of the portfolios on our platform invest in ETFs. For these portfolios, in addition to the management fees (IBKR Asset Management charges you) and the commissions (our affiliated broker-dealer Interactive Brokers LLC charges you), the issuer or sponsor of the ETF will also charge you fees and expenses (expense ratio). You will thus pay more when investing in ETFs through us than if you purchased the ETFs directly. Neither we nor our affiliated broker-dealer benefit from the fees and expenses charged by the ETF issuer, and for the in-house IBKR Asset Management portfolios that we select the ETFs for we try to invest in ETFs with lower fees. Information on ETF fees are disclosed in the prospectus for each ETF. Learn more about IBKR Asset Management fees.

  • What is the minimum deposit required?

    To open an Interactive Brokers LLC brokerage account for your IBKR Asset Management investments, you need to fund it with a minimum of $5,000. If you plan to invest in a number of portfolios, or in portfolios that trade heavily, we recommend that you fund the account with a minimum of $25,000 to prevent your account being locked under SEC pattern day trading rules. Qualified Clients wishing to invest in a performance fee portfolio must invest $1,000,000 with IBKR Asset Management unless they satisfy minimum net worth requirements.

  • Can I invest in more than one portfolio?

    Yes. You can invest in as many portfolios as you want in a single account. When you sign in to IBKR Asset Management you can see your positions, both in aggregate and broken out by investment.

  • How long does it take to replicate a trade?

    Typically trades are replicated within one minute. Actual times may vary.

  • Why is there a difference between the Portfolio Manager's performance and my own?

    We call this drift. There are a number of causes of drift including risk score, stock exclusions, and cashflow behavior. Drift is typically caused by Portfolio Managers trading outside of the trading rules, or in securities that are not replicated for clients due to stock restrictions specified by clients. Learn more about performance drift.

  • I placed an instruction to invest/redeem a few hours ago. When will the trade orders be executed?

    During market hours, instructions are processed in the order they are received. After market hours, instructions will be processed after the next market open.

  • Will I be able to invest in all portfolios?

    IBKR Asset Management offers a large selection of portfolios to its clients. To ensure clients pick suitable investments for their risk profile, IBKR Asset Management limits clients’ selection of portfolios using the following four criteria:

    - Clients need to have a client account risk score that is greater than or equal to the portfolio they want to invest in.

    - Clients need to have enough funds available in their IBKR Asset Management-linked brokerage account to invest at least the minimum investment amount, which varies by portfolio and is specified on each portfolio page.

    - For portfolios that purchase securities on margin, clients need to have margin permission on their brokerage account.

    Some Portfolio Managers have opted for accounts with extended trading capabilities (e.g., immediate settlement of trades, ability to use leverage, etc.). If your account does not possess the same abilities, IBKR Asset Management would not be able to replicate the Portfolio Manager's trades in your account. This is why some portfolios could be unavailable to you. For further details on account types, please contact us.