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Index IDEA: Large-Cap U.S. Sectors Have More Ups And Downs in 2018

Seeking Alpha | March 25, 2018

During high volatility periods, some sectors can significantly under-perform the overall market, says Joe Sullivan, a Director at Interactive Brokers Asset Management. In such situations, using investment strategies that provide opportunity for broad-based and diversified sector exposure can be beneficial long term.

Interactive Brokers Takes Top Spot in Online Broker Ranking

Barron's | March 24, 2018

Interactive Brokers, the affiliated broker-dealer of Interactive Brokers Asset Management, won first place in Barron's 23rd annual ranking of The Best Online Brokers. The article notes that the company offers a robo-advisory service - IB Asset Management - for less active traders. The unit offers a range of portfolios including 13 index tracking portfolios.

Smart Beta Q&A with Chief Investment Officer Sanjoy Ghosh

YouTube | November 2017

In this Q&A Sanjoy Ghosh, the Chief Investment Officer at Interactive Brokers Asset Management, explains the benefits of Smart Beta investing and answers questions about the Smart Beta portfolios he oversees.

Critical questions to ask a financial advisor - before you hire one

TheStreet | September 25, 2017

Interactive Brokers Asset Management discusses key things to consider prior to selecting a financial advisor.

More millennials are turning to robo-advisors to manage their money but is it right for everyone?

Brobible | September 5, 2017

With robo-advisors, you can also invest online, anytime, explains Kalen Holliday. Holliday is a director at the robo-advisor firm Interactive Brokers Asset Management . "If you have young kids to tend to during the day or work in an office surrounded by coworkers who you don’t want knowing you’re taking time off during the day to invest, investing online is better than having to call your broker between 9 AM and 5 PM. You can go online anytime and see how your investments are performing."

Interactive Brokers’ Covestor set to change its name

Finance Feeds | July 11, 2017

Online investing expert Covestor, a part of Interactive Brokers Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:IBKR) plans to change its name to Interactive Brokers Asset Management.

IB Asset Management Smart Beta webinar for investors

YouTube | June 08, 2017

Watch this webinar to find out more about smart beta and what's behind the soaring popularity of smart beta investment products.

IB Asset Management Quality Portfolio

YouTube | April 25, 2017

Explore the benefits of IB Asset Management’s Smart Beta Quality Portfolio.

Interactive Brokers beefs up RIA offerings | March 29, 2017

IB Asset Management, Interactive Brokers’ robo advisor, recently made its new Smart Beta Portfolios available to the custodian’s advisors. The portfolios are managed in-house by IB Asset Management’s investment management team led by Chief Investment Officer Sanjoy Ghosh. They cost 8 basis points.

IB Asset Management Smart Beta Portfolios

YouTube | March 23, 2017

IB Asset Management Smart Beta portfolios find the sweet spot between passive exchange traded funds and actively managed funds and provide advantages over both.

Barron's 2017 Best Online Broker Ranking

Barron's | March 18, 2017

IB Asset Management's broker-dealer affiliate Interactive Brokers ranked among top 3 brokers. IB wins praise for low cost trades. Article mentions IB Asset Management's new Smart Beta portfolios, which have low investment minimums of $5,000 and low fees of 0.08%.

Interactive Brokers quietly builds major custody business

Financial Advisor| March 10, 2017

Profile story discusses how Interactive Brokers has expanded products and services for registered investment advisors. Advisors using Interactive Brokers now have a robo platform, IB Asset Management, which was acquired in 2015 and offers actively managed portfolios at low fees.

IB Asset Management launches 10 smart beta portfolios

Business Wire| February 23, 2017

IB Asset Management introduces unique products that combine the advantages of actively managed mutual funds and the low costs of exchange traded funds. The portfolios have low fees and low minimums and provide broad market exposure.

Riding the smart beta wave

Fox Business | January 23, 2017

Investors are enchanted by smart beta strategies. Smart beta assets under management have more than doubled since 2012, and now top $500 million, according to Morningstar.

Smart beta is all about the factors

Fox Business | January 05, 2017

Portfolio diversification is one of the most basic maxims in investing.

Top direct-to-consumer wealth tech plays

Finovate | December 22, 2016

Hybrid roboadvsiers such as IB Asset Management offer actively managed portfolios and personalized conversations blended with computerized portfolio recommendations. Business Insider expects hybrid roboadvisers will manage 10% of all investable assets by 2025.

Worldwide financial services and global fintech

Business Insider | December 15, 2016

Companies such as IB Asset Management make Business Insider list of "Fintech companies to know".

Interactive Brokers' CEO Thomas Peterffy on Q3 2016 Results

Seeking Alpha | October 18, 2016

Interactive Brokers customers may partition their account and invest a selected amount of money in portfolios offered by IB's IB Asset Management subsidiary.

Interactive Brokers Group Chairman Q&A

The Wall Street Transcript | March, 2016

Interactive Brokers Chairman Thomas Peterffy discusses IB’s acquisition of IB Asset Management and plans for expansion.

Portfolio Manager publicity

5 stocks to buy despite poor earnings report

US News & World Report | February 9, 2018

Interactive Brokers Asset Management portfolio managers Yale Bock and Ron McCoy weigh in on their stock selections. Bock picks Apple as a good portfolio addition and McCoy says Exxon is a great choice.

IBM may get a big boost from Blockchain

US News & World Report | January 29, 2018

Interactive Brokers portfolio manager Vahan Janjigian explains why he believes IBM is a very attractive stock.

Tesla is among 5 toxic stocks for 2018

TheStreet | January 23, 2018

Yale Bock, an Interactive Brokers Asset Management portfolio manager, says risk averse investors should watch Tesla stock from the sidelines.

Milllennials are saving early for retirement, thanks to the Great Recession

TheStreet | January 17, 2018

Relying on social security is not a good option, says Ron McCoy, who runs a portfolio on the Interactive Brokers Asset Management marketplace.

Why niche ETFs are terrible investments

TheStreet | December 11, 2017

Interactive Brokers Asset Management portfolio manager Charles Sizemore says lack of volume on targeted ETFs can be troublesome. He says the headache and extra management fees of small funds are often not worth it when you can purchase the underlying holdings instead.

Variable Annuities diversify abroad

Financial Advisor | December 1, 2017

US stocks have outperformed stocks oversees for the past 10 years, says Charles Sizemore, a portfolio manager for Interactive Brokers Asset Management. However, he notes that there’s growing interest in international equities, particularly among Variable Annuity providers.

Why investors love legacy companies

US News & World Report | November 14, 2017

For stodgy but reliable stocks, portfolio manager Barry Randall likes 3M while portfolio manager Vahan Janjigian picks IBM.

Surging Japan ETFs ride new tailwind

CNBC | November 10, 2017

Some analysts aren't bullish on Japan. For example, Charles Sizemore, who manages a portfolio for Interactive Brokers Asset Management, sees Japan as a short-term trade and not a viable long-term investment.

How to buy great, cheap stocks when indexes are at all-time highs

TheStreet | November 8, 2017

Stocks may get even cheaper when the markets correct, notes Ron McCoy, an Interactive Brokers Asset Management portfolio manager.

Does Capping 401(k) tax deductions disincentivize retirement savings?

TheStreet | October 26, 2017

Contributions to retirement accounts should remain tax deductible as it motivates people to save rather than rely on the government when they're older, says Ron McCoy, a portfolio manager of the LOWS strategy on Interactive Brokers Asset Management.

How to protect your self from a market crash: invest with your brain not heart

TheStreet | October 21, 2017

IB Asset Management portfolio managers Fariba Ronnasi, Ron McCoy Sreeni Meka and Yale Bock share their rules for investors who experience a market crash similar to the one on Black Monday.

Seeking virtues in virtual reality stocks

US News & World Report | September 26, 2017

"Facebook's foray into virtual reality has been disappointing: No breakout or killer application and an experience that leaves a significant fraction of users feeling nauseous," says Barry Randall, technology portfolio manager for Interactive Brokers Asset Management. "Facebook's failure thus far has opened the door to major competitors, including Sony and Samsung."

Low-cost loans help hurricane victims rebuild

TheStreet | September 19, 2017

Ron McCoy, portfolio manager of the Leveraged Options Writing Strategy portfolio on IB Asset Management, said IRA loans are not really advisable, but may be an option after a disaster. "Someone should lobby Congress to pass a bill to allow people who have been affected by the storms to extend the rule to up to a year rather than the current 60 days. People shouldn't be penalized for taking out their own money in a retirement account because of a disaster. It's just wrong."

Why Amazon stock should split again

US News & World Report | August 28, 2017

Interactive Brokers Asset Management Portfolio Manager Barry Randall shares his views on stock splits.

When volatility can ruin your options position

TheStreet | August 02, 2017

As volatility has reached low levels, its impact on stocks and options has been largely ignored until recently and tobacco stocks have been hit bard. Interactive Brokers Asset Management Portfolio Manager Ron McCoy explains the impact on options.

Sizing up investments

Fox Business | May 02, 2017

When you are an active money manager, you need skill sizing up individual companies explains IB Asset Management Portfolio Manager Yale Bock.

Why financial advisors seek outside investment managers to handle personal accounts

TheStreet | April 30, 2017

While some wealth  managers hire others to manage their money, IB Asset Management Portfolio Manager Rick Tonge takes another tack. He invests one way and has 100% of his investable assets invested. He prefers to have his money in the same risk and be in the same position as clients because having skin in the game  gives him the same perspective as his client.

Why investors should factor in goodwill when evaluating stocks

TheStreet | April 30, 2017

IB Asset Management portfolio managers Barry Randall and Ron McCoy explain how to goodwill impacts stocks.

High stock valuations remain a concern to investors

TheStreet | April 28, 2017

Current heft valuations are reminiscent of dot com stocks in 1999 when many stocks also reached large market caps, says Ron McCoy, Portfolio Manager for the Leverage Options Writing Strategy on IB Asset Management.

Investors can profit from volatility by selling puts

TheStreet | April 18, 2017

Instead of buying options, selling them might be a better way to hedge against volatility, said Ron McCoy, a portfolio manager of the Levered Options Writing Strategy on IB Asset Management. Current heft valuations are reminiscent of dot com stocks in 1999 when many stocks also reached large market caps, says Ron McCoy, Portfolio Manager for the Leverage Options Writing Strategy on IB Asset Management.

NFLX Stock: No first-quarter surprise for Netflix

US News & World Report | April 17, 2017

Michael Kramer, a Portfolio Manager on IB Asset Management, says overall numbers Netfix reported seem solid, with subscriber growth still showing growing in the international market.

8 unsexy stocks with super-sexy returns

US News & World Report | April 11, 2017

Philip Morris (PM) has a new IQOS smokeless cigarette that IB Asset Management Portfolio Manager Gerald Sparrow says may be a big hit.

Energy stocks search for their spark

US News & World Report | March 21, 2017

IB Asset Management Portfolio Managers Tyler Kocon and Yale Bock share their outlooks on the energy sector.

Why investors should stay in the market, not go to all cash

TheStreet | March 16, 2017

IB Asset Management Portfolio Manager Ron McCoy says going to all cash can be a costly mistake.

Momentum investing explained

Fox Business | February 13, 2017

Column on momentum investing by IB Asset Management Portfolio Manager Charles Sizemore.

Selling Twitter puts can generate income

TheStreet | February 13, 2017

IB Asset Management Portfolio Manager Ron McCoy explains how selling puts in Twitter has helped generate returns for his LOWS portfolio on IB Asset Management.

7 stocks that could save your portfolio

US News & World Report | January 31, 2017

IB Asset Management Portfolio Managers pick two of the seven stocks. Barry Randall selects Check Point Software Technologies and Yale Bock picks BP.

Sell calls for Bristol Myers to limit risk on volatility

TheStreet | January 27, 2017

IB Asset Management Portfolio Manager Ron McCoy says given the drubbing BMY saw last week, he likes several options plans on Bristol-Myers Squibb.

Profile: IB Asset Management Technology Portfolio Manager Barry Randall

YouTube | January 25, 2017

Video Q&A with IB Asset Management Portfolio Manager Barry Radnall, manager of the Crabtree Technology portfolio. Barry explains how he got interested in investing in the tech sector.

General Motors: embrace the large stock buybacks

Seeking Alpha | January 11, 2017

IB Asset Management Portfolio Manager Mark Holder says General Motors looks to break out of trading flat for three years.