We invest. You invest with us.

We are IBKR Asset Management — the online investing marketplace where you invest the same way as our professional portfolio managers.

When they buy or sell a security, the same trade is automatically made in your brokerage account and everyone receives the same price per share.

IBKR Asset Management Dashboard

Why choose IBKR Asset Management?

Low fees

With management fees starting at 0.08% and brokerage fees under a dollar a trade, we save you money.

Security and flexibility

Your money stays in your own account. You have control over your funds and can change portfolios or withdraw money whenever you want.

Complete transparency

See exactly what you own and what fees you are charged, anytime. View Portfolio Managers' performance, holdings and recent trades.

Portfolio selection

IBKR Asset Management offers a wide range of portfolios, with investment minimums starting as low as $5,000. You can easily find what’s suitable for you, and we have financial professionals who can help.